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Classic Titles Available in Paperback as 16-24 pt MacroPrintBooks

(most also available in regular print)

The Four Million: The Gift of the Magi & other favorite stories. Life in New York City around 1900—O.Henry (reprint 2001) ISBN 1-888725-41-9, 8¼X6½, 16pt, 270 pp, $18.95; ISBN 1-888725-03-6, 8¼X10½ 22 pt, 300 pp, $22.95

Bar-20: Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Roundup—Clarence Mulford (reprint 2000). Classical Western Tale. Not the TV version. ISBN 1-888725-42-7, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 385pp, $18.95

Paul the Peddler or The Fortunes of a Young Street Merchant— Horatio Alger, jr. A Classic inspirational story. (reprint 1998) ISBN 1-888725-02-8, 8¼X10½, 24 pt, 276 pp, $18.95

The Wisdom of Father Brown--G.K. Chesterton (reprint 2000) Classic stories about the priest-detective reprinted in accessible 18-pt. extra-large type ISBN 1-888725-27-3, 8¼ X 11, 22 pt, 250 pp, $18.95

24-point Gospel—The Big News for Today, Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (KJV) ISBN 1-888725-11-7, 8¼ X 11, 24 pt, 512 pp, $24.95

Buttered Side Down—Short Stories by Edna Ferber, the beloved author of Showboat, Giant, and Cimarron. (reprint 2000) ISBN 1-888725-40-0, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 240 pp, 16 pt $18.95

Me and My Shadows—Shadow Puppet Fun for Kids of All Ages - Elizabeth Adams, Revised Edition by Dr. Bud Banis (2002) Illustrated guide to the art of shadow puppetry. A perfect gift for children and adults. ISBN 1-888725-78-8 8½X11 lay-flat spiral, 18 pt, 67 pp, $16.95

Contemporary Titles in MacroPrintBooks

Nursing Home—Ira Eaton, PhD, (1999) You will be moved and disturbed by this recent novel. ISBN 1-888725-23-0, 8X11, 16 pt, 300pp, $18.95

Perfect Love—Mary Harvatich (2000) Love born at an orphanage endures. ISBN 1-888725-15-X, 8¼X10½, 16pt, 200 pp, $18.95

The Bridge Never Crossed-A Survivor's Search for Meaning, By George Burk (1999) illustrated with photographs. Inspiring story of George Burk, lone survivor of a military plane crash, who overcame extensive burn injuries to earn a presidential award. ISBN 1-888725-28-1, 8¼ X 11, 16 pt, 170 pp, $24.95

To Norma Jeane With Love, Jimmie—Jim Dougherty as told to LC VanSavage (MacroPrintBooks™ edition 2001)The sensitive touching story of the Jim Dougherty's teenage bride who later became Marilyn Monroe. As seen on TV. Dozens of photographs. ISBN 1-888725-52-4, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 290pp, $24.95 

Growing Up on Route 66—Michael Lund. (MacroPrintBooksedition 2001) Contemporary novel evoking fond memories of what it was like to grow up alongside "America's Highway" in 20th Century Missouri. ISBN 1-888725-45-1, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 330 pp, $24.95

Route 66 Kids—Michael Lund (MacroPrintBooksedition 2001) Sequel to Growing Up on Route 66, continuing the story about coming of age alongside "America's Highway" in 20th Century Missouri. ISBN 1-888725-71-0, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 350 pp, $24.95

Tales from the Woods of Wisdom - (book I)—Richard Tichenor. (2001) In a spirit someplace between The Wizard of Oz and The Celestine Prophecy, this is more than a childrens' fable of life in the deep woods. ISBN 1-888725-50-8, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 270 pp $24.95

MamaSquad! (MacroPrintBooks edition 2001) Hilarious novel by Clarence Wall about what happens when a group of women from a retirement home get tangled up in Army Special Forces. ISBN 1-888725-14-1, 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 300 pp, $24.95

The Job—Eric Whitfield (MacroPrintBooksedition 2001) A story of self-discovery in the context of the death of a grandfather.. A book to read and share in times of change and Grieving. ISBN 1-888725-69-9, 8¼X6½, 18 pt, 160 pp, $18.95

Once in a Green Room: A Novel—Keri Baker (2001) After being raped and having an abortion while in college, a young woman struggles to deal with her feelings and is ultimately helped by insights gained from her special education students. Part of proceeds donated to RAINN. ISBN 1-888725-61-3, 8¼X6½, 16pt, 200 pp, $24.95

Rhythm of the Sea—Shari Cohen (2001) Delightful heartwarming stories of life relationships set in the context of oceans and lakes. Shari Cohen is a popular author of Womens' magazine articles and contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. ISBN 1-888725-63-X 8¼X6½, 16pt, 250 pp, $24.95

How to Travel-A Guidebook for Persons with a Disability—Fred Rosen (1998) ISBN 1-888725-17-6 8¼X10½, 18 pt, 120 pp, $19.95 Reviewed in Library Journal, March 2001

HOW TO TRAVEL in Canada—A Guidebook for A Visitor with a Disability—Fred Rosen (2001) ISBN 1-888725-30-3 8¼X6½, 16 pt, 180 pp, $24.95 Reviewed in Library Journal, March 2001

If Blindness Comes—K. Jernigan, Ed. (18 point Edition, 1996) Strategies for living with visual impairment. 8¼ X 11, 18 pt, 110 pp, Spiral, $7 (distributed at cost with permission of the National Federation of the Blind, quantity discounts don't apply)

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