The Large Print Daily Journal was developed around the concept that keeping written records will help people increase awareness and stay engaged in daily living.  Although important for everybody, this is especially important for older citizens who benefit from structure and are more likely to have visual challenges.
We feel this tool will be most effective if personalized to the user's needs and identity and so have developed a computerized production process to allow substantial personalization.

The Large Print Daily Journal is available with a number of different options:

The Basic three-month journal:

Books are computer-generated and bound with color covers and lay-flat spiral binding in books of  three-months with two facing 8½ X 11 pages per day. 
You can buy one of these with a specified start date and name printed on the cover. Try it for three months for $16.95.  product number LPJ3M
Large Print Daily Journal -3-months edition (you will provide information on name and start date while processing the order)

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The One-year Subscription:

A full year is covered by four books. You can subscribe to the one-year version, custom-generated with a specified start date and the user's name on covers and every page. The four books are generated and delivered together. This can make an impressive and functional Christmas or birthday gift that will serve as a reminder of the giver everyday. $55 -- product number LPJ12M
Large Print Daily Journal -12-months edition (you will provide information on name and start date while processing the order)

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The Custom version:

It is also possible to add a color photo  to the cover, and we can use our computerized system to feed in a database with dates, days of the week etc. to integrate reminders of repetitive events and notes for specific dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries. We can also bind in lists of important phone numbers and medications. See the page on custom versions and give us a call to talk about it at 636-394-4950.
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Our Books are Guaranteed:
IIf a book has a defect, or doesn't hold up under normal use, or you are just unhappy with it in any way, we are interested to know about it and will replace it and credit reasonable return shipping costs.  Products with publisher defects (i.e., books with missing pages, etc.) may be returned at any time without authorization.  Please let us know what the problem is so we can use that information make our products better.                         Questions? click here for helpDirect email to Dr. Bud Banis at Science & Humanities Press

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